Homeschool Ninja Program

Because of scheduling changes due to coronavirus, we are currently unable to run this program. Please check out our After School Program Here as an alternative. We will update this message when the homeschool program restarts.

  • Each week instructors will encourage and challenge students through fitness to learn vital life skills such as team building, camaraderie, overcoming life’s obstacles, and perseverance.
  • Boys and girls will receive training on specific obstacles, cheer each other on through the weekly obstacle course, and have monitored free play throughout the facility.
  • For all homeschoolers in Chester County and surrounding areas. Parents are welcome to stay and observe!

Pricing :

$100.00 8 Class Package
($12.50 per class)

$60.00 4 Class Package
$18 Drop-in



Ages 12+

Ages 6-11