Meet Bryce Adams

Parkour certified, Trampoline and Tricking Elite Athlete

Sharing is Caring with Bryce Adams. With more than 5 years of full-time professional experience, Bryce specializes in Parkour, Trampoline, and Tricking. Bryce has won top place in many competitions for his versatility in his sport and is extremely well-known in the Tri-State area for being elite in the aspect of progressions and training individuals from beginner to advanced levels of Parkour, Trampolines and Tricking skills. His passion to better himself daily is seen in his dedication to rigid structure coupled with his training regime. He has meshed himself in the iCORE family and has been a pivotal part that mastered the art and created a full-time living for himself helping others with his programming to create an unmatched atmosphere that has transformed the beginner to elite on a daily basis.