Meet Mark Falcone

Owner, Ninja Warrior Athlete, Calisthenics Athlete, Obstacle Racer

Mark grew up with an “out of the box mentality”, a passion for entrepreneurship at a very young age, and a huge desire to help others. Since the age of 12 Mark has had a background in sponsored skateboarding, extreme sports, competitive running, later years molding into the world of Calisthenics, Obstacle Racing and Ninja Warrior.

After college Mark was driven to start a business and fueled by the passion in the fitness industry with a vision to create a place that he always dreamed of training in. After years of determination and pure grit to prove a concept that had never been tried, tested or proven iCORE Fitness was born. The end result is a lifestyle brand of the best and most unique fitness trainers and enthusiasts that use calisthenics, movement, and camaraderie to create a driven, all-encompassing atmosphere unmatched in the industry of fitness.

Mark has since expanded the growth in the niche industry of Ninja Warrior and Calisthenics training and is on the board of directors for the National Ninja League (a nationwide competition hosted in facilities around the country) as well as the start of the National Bar League (a series of calisthenic freestyle competitions).